ALL Youth League Tournaments: 

Start Time: 9:00 AM

End Time 3:00 PM


League #1

League #2

11 White/11 Teal - 2/23 - SportsHouse - 3151 Edison Way, Redwood City

For more information about the venue click here and select "SportsHouse".

League #3

11 WHT - 3/22

League #4

11 WHT - 4/26

Tournament Format


  • For the first serve of the match, player must start behind the end line
  • If the player is unable to make their serve over the net on the first attempt:
    • Player may re-serve
    • Player is allowed to take a step into the court.
    • If a player takes a step in and makes the serve over the net, then the player must take a step backward at their next serve attempt.
  • If a player can jump serve, they may not step in or re-serve.
  • If a player serves over the net and it goes out, they may not step in or re-serve.
  • If the served ball becomes in play, regardless of the result, no re-serve is allowed.


  • This division uses timed matches
    • 35 minutes each match, switching sides after 15 minutes.
    • Officiating team should start score over at 15 minute switch.
    • Team with the most points at switch and/or end wins the set. No score limit within these 15 minutes.
    • The result is recorded by sets, not matches.
    • All final pool results are done by set percentage.
    • Warm-up time is not included in the 35 minute match.
  • A limit of 3 serves in a row, then side-out, without awarding a point.


  • At each event there will the following breaks:
    • 3 Team Pools: 20 minute break between the second and third matches of the tournament.
    • 4 Team Pools: 20 minute break between the third and fourth matches of the tournament.
  • Uniform requirements are relaxed. Players should have matching shirts with a number on at least one side of the shirt.
  • Each Youth League tournament starts at 9:00 AM and is scheduled to end by 3:00 PM.
  • There are two TDs assigned to each Youth League tournament. This allows one to take care of the TD work and the other to work as a court monitor helping with scorekeeping and officiating duties.