San Francisco Juniors Official Website

Mission Statement

San Francisco Juniors Volleyball Club is committed to promoting and developing, through its players, the sport of volleyball and to support parents in guiding each player to become the best person they can be on and off the court. The Club recognizes that participation in any sport is good for the physical, mental, and social development of young people. San Francisco Juniors Volleyball Club is dedicated in providing its athletes with the proper technical, tactical, and physical training in a competitive atmosphere to be the best possible volleyball player.

About The Club

San Francisco Juniors Volleyball Club (SF Juniors VBC) is a non-profit high performance volleyball program for girls ages 18 and under. The program is governed by the United States Volleyball Association (USVA) and part of the Northern California Volleyball Association (NCVA) region. SF Juniors VBC offers teams in various divisions beginning at 10 & under and up to 18 & under.

Club Philosophy

SF Juniors VBC recognizes the importance sports have in the development of young people. We fully support the players in their commitment to play other sports within the confines of their schedules. It is very important that our players understand that volleyball and other sports are extracurricular activities and a commitment to school studies must come before anything else. SF Juniors VBC supports the idea that its team members maintain passing grades and appreciates parental support in enforcing this. We encourage each athlete to develop and use good organizational and time management skills in order to schedule school, volleyball, and other activities. While we understand that school and homework are important, we don’t believe they should be used as an excuse to miss practice. Scheduling conflicts will no doubt occur for each individual. We ask that players need to evaluate their schedules and plan accordingly to accommodate their Club volleyball commitment. Our coaches will make an effort to be flexible when conflicts occur.

The philosophy for teams can vary from team to team and age group to age group. For example, teams attempting to qualify for the Junior National Championships will require a larger time commitment because of the schedule and travel involved as opposed to the teams that stay local. This is especially true for the 17’s and 18’s division. Players participating in these divisions with aspirations to play in college need to make smart choices in how they allocate their time. Missing practices and tournaments can affect their team in performing at their highest potential for visiting college recruiters.

Athletes are expected to commit to all practices, tournaments, training sessions, and functions. Each season, SF Juniors VBC teams participate in regional and national competitions. There is a certain amount of travel involved with competing in these tournaments. Travel to tournaments sometimes means vigorous, demanding schedules, homework done on the road, and missed social activities. It also means being cramped up on the road for a day or more with the team. This all leads to the improvement of athletic performance and the development of organized study habits, self discipline, and good interpersonal skills. SF Juniors VBC recognizes that the commitment we ask of our players, parents, and coaching staff is not a small one, but the challenge, opportunity and fun make it well worth the extra effort. This commitment from each player and their parent(s) is necessary for a team’s overall success. Non-compliance with the commitments expected by the Club, will affect a player’s continued participation in SF Juniors VBC program during the season and in future seasons.